Russ Meyer – Mondo Topless [+Extras] (1966)

The Meyer-fest goes on…Today: a newer, better version of Mondo Topless and a clip of Jon Ross interviewing the man himself, Russ Meyer.Summary:After a quick tour of San Francisco, Russ takes us on a nonstop tour ofbreasts in motion. Prominent strippers strut their stuff as they discusstheir careers, bra sizes, and preferences in men.Movie-Tag:”Topless…in phrase and craze… is sweeping the country… changing the moods and mores of people everywhere. Russ Meyer’s MONDO TOPLESS captures the basic essence of the movement… with MOVEMENT! Way out, wild undulatory movement! Go-Go Girls…in and out of their environment… baring far more than their souls. BEHOLD the “Buxotics”… you’ve only dreamed about these kinds of women ’til now, but they’re unbelievably REAL!… Big Busted BABETTE BARDOT… Super Stacked SIN LENEE… Double D DONNA “X”… PROTUBERANT PAT BARRINGER… Capaciously Domed DARLA PARIS … and last, but hardly least, DARLENE GREY (AKA Candy Samples)… a mere slip of a frail tipping the scales at only 112 lbs…. but get this…her untoppable… gravity-defying… bra-busting Boobs have got to comprise nearly 23 lbs. of that total by themselves!”Movie Screens (it was quite difficult to find frames without bare breasts in this one, cause imageshack would have deleted them, but you get the picture):

Henri Pierre Duval – French Fantasies (1973)

Welcome to a French travelogue complete with a romantic musical string background (fantastic score!), scenic tourist attractions, a dubbed narration in a heavily accented English feminine voice laced with syrup and 1975-style sex (the highlight of the movie!!!). Transferred from film, the quality is remarkably well preserved and detailed but would be considered tame by modern standards. Classic French from the ’70’s! World Class Erotica, with the absolute hottest stars of classic adult film! Stars European hotties Antoinette Turquois & Michelle Cohn-Bendit. This one is for guys who wonder what it would be like to have sex with a French woman. Henri Pierre Duval, who directs the film, show great vintage shots of Paris and the Riviera at Nice. In addition, a voice-over of a sexy French lady, in highly accented English, relays the naughty details during the scenarios. A true experience for the senses. Cast: Antoinette Turquois Michelle Cohn-Bendit Genvieve Aubord Denise Martin Lila Regeau Andrea Rothchild Jacques Devore Robert Alain Coute IV 

Simon Kerslake – World’s Biggest Penis (2006)

No doubt about it, society celebrates the big penis. :happy2: Seen as a sign of adequacy, virility and manliness, those lucky enough to be well endowed are heralded by both sexes and all sexualities. As women have always maintained, and men have always thought, size matters, but not in the way that most of us imagine. Sometimes having a Big Johnson is a bigger problem than you’d guess. :shifty2: THE WORLD’S BIGGEST PENIS reveals there is a bittersweet side to nature’s gift, lifting the veil on a taboo subject and showing the reality of what it’s like to have what all men dream of.Producer/Director: Simon KerslakeAssistant Producer: Laura GodboldEditor: Tami BokeyExecutive Producers: Adam Perry, Jacques Peretti, Fenton BaileyProduction Manager: Claire OtwayCoordinator: Mary HuireviewreviewDocumentary in which well endowed men, including the man claiming to have the World’s biggest penis, talk about the bittersweet side to nature’s gift and lift the veil on a taboo subject to show the reality of what it’s like to have what all men dream of.

Jim Clark – Debbie Does Dallas (1978)

The plot of the film centers around a team of cheerleaders attempting to earn enough money for a trip to Dallas, Texas to try out for the famous Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad. In the movie the squad had the fictional name “Cowgirls”, but it was seen as a take on the real-life Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Each girl tries her hand at a different job (e.g. washing cars, babysitting) only to find herself in a sexual encounter with her employer.